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Chocolate, cookies and muffins – scrumptious sure, however not wholesome. It’s no secret, though it is a little-known undeniable fact that an excessive amount of sugar is unhealthy for our well being. It can also be sure that our meals leaves traces on its method by the digestive system and impacts life within the intestine.

Researchers at Columbia University in New York have now revealed a research within the journal Cell displaying the results of sugar on the intestine microbiome of mice, and then even on the immune system.

Good micro organism, unhealthy micro organism

inside Bacteria stay within the intestine, they’re answerable for the rise of sure immune cells, known as T helper cells – or extra exactly: Th17 cells. The scientists noticed that these immune cells regulate the absorption of fats within the intestines of mice.

Researchers have additionally discovered {that a} significantly sugary food regimen promotes the expansion of sure micro organism, which in flip kills the immune-boosting microbiome. As a outcome, extra fats entered the physique of the mice by the intestinal mucosa. Animals not solely achieve weight, but additionally get sick.

“It shouldn’t be but clear how sugar impacts the human intestine,” says Christian Sina, director of the Institute of Nutritional Medicine on the University of Lübeck. There are many research on mice, however little or no intestinal information on people. However, one factor is evident: an excessive amount of sugar is unhealthy on your well being.

Sugar: A dose makes a poison

An individual who, in a second of weak point, robs the sweet shelf and spends the day on the couch with chocolate and lemonade, won’t instantly get sick.

That’s why Christian Cena does not need to fully demonize sugar. “A pinch of sugar to sweeten espresso shouldn’t be an issue,” says the nutritionist. It not often stays in a pinch.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends decreasing sugar consumption to about 25 grams per day. That would nonetheless be six teaspoons. However, a survey performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between 2017 and 2018 discovered that Americans eat a median of 17 teaspoons of sugar per day.

Processed meals are excessive in sugar

Cakes, cookies, and chocolate bars aren’t the one downside right here—they’re notoriously excessive in sugar. “Hidden sugars” present in processed meals add as much as a teaspoon of sugar. An individual who eats a whole lot of ready meals rapidly exceeds the sugar restrict.

This rapidly results in a vicious circle: a sugary meal not solely causes blood sugar ranges to rise quickly, but additionally causes them to fall quickly once more. The subsequent hypo will increase the urge for food for sweets once more.

In addition to weight problems, heart problems is a results of excessive blood sugar and blood lipid ranges. This results in coronary heart assaults, strokes and kind 2 diabetes.

There is not any higher different

Artificial sweeteners like honey, agave syrup or saccharin every have their advantages, Sina says. “However, even these refined sugar options aren’t with out their issues.” Honey and agave syrup additionally comprise a whole lot of glucose, which is sugar.

If the outcomes of the mouse research are confirmed in human experiments in some unspecified time in the future, sugar might need to be reevaluated by the WHO or nutritionists.

But the obtainable information additionally communicate in a transparent language: much less is extra. Nutritionist Sina says: “We must do away with the sensation that sweets are good for us.” At least not every day and on a big scale.


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